The press releases linked below highlight aspects of our work and are written in layman’s terms.

Recent press releases related to our work

AcrID1 from hot pool

Crystal structure of an anti-CRISPR protein from a hot pool (March 2018)

“Researchers reveal how bacteria can adapt to resist treatment by antibiotics”, 23 April 2019 (English, Danish)

“Arms race among microbes”, 6 March 2018 (English, Danish).

“Danish researchers reveal how the MRSA bacterium handles stress”, 15 January 2018 (English, Danish).

“Ditlev Brodersen awarded prestigious visiting professorship at Università di Parma, Italy”, 5 April 2017 (English, Danish).

“Bacteria’s secret weapons against pesticides and antibiotics revealed”, 17 August 2015 (English, Danish).

“Bacteria use lethal toxins to evade antibiotic treatment”,
18 November 2013 (English, Danish).

Model of the RelB dimer bound to DNA

Model of the RelB dimer bound to DNA

“X-Rays reveal the self-defence mechanism of bacteria”,
14 September 2012 (English, Danish).

“Large grant awarded for research into giant enzymes”,
22 December 2011 (English, Danish).

“New knowledge may lead to the development of future antibiotics”,
14 December 2009 (English, Danish).

“Researchers from Aarhus University participate in the award of the Novel Prize”,
10 December 2009 (English, Danish).

“Large Danish contribution to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry”,
7 October 2009 (English, Danish).

Other media items

“Mand eller mus – hvad er forskellen?”, Aktuel Naturvidenskab, 2007 (Danish).