We are always looking for interested students and post docs to join our world-class research lab. We offer an informal but ambitious scientific working environment with individual projects based on experience and interests.

Prospective exchange and graduate students

Exchange and prospective graduate students with a relevant degree background in biochemistry, molecular biology, or structural biology are encouraged to contact Ditlev Brodersen directly via email. We are open to both undergraduate (e.g. ERASMUS) and graduate exchange students as well as summer students and interns. In generel, exchange students should provide their own funding for travel and subsistence. When you write, please include details about your research interests, past achievements, and experience/CV.

Read more about how graduate students enrol at the Graduate School for Science and Technology (GSST).

Prospective post docs

Post doctoral candidates with a relevant PhD degree in biochemistry/molecular biology and ideally with experience in either x-ray crystallography or single-particle cryo-electron microscopy, are welcome to contact Ditlev Brodersen directly via email.

Please include an updated CV (incl. list of publications) as well as a cover letter detailing your research interests and potentially a project you would be interested in pursuing in our lab.

Qualified candidates will typically be invited for a brief visit and given the opportunity to present their graduate work. Post doc positions are occasionally available (see below) but highly qualified candidates are generally expected to be able to attract independent funding.

About structural biology in Aarhus

Aarhus University is located centrally in the city of Aarhus, a lively and modern Scandinavian metropol close to sea and forests. We offer a thriving structural biology community (60+ employees and students) and access to world class instruments. Aarhus University has a state-of-the-art Titan Krios cryo-electron microscopy equipped with a K2 direct electron camera with associated support labs and staff. For crystallography, the structure group  has access to in-house crystallisation robotics (Gilson liquid handler, TTP Mosquito, and Oryx micro-seeder) as well as monthly allocations on some of the worlds best x-ray crystallography beam lines.

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