Crystallisation of the isolated Shigella VapC toxin

S. flexneri VapC crystalsToday, we published a brief communication reporting the successful crystallisation of the isolated VapC toxin from Shigella flexneri. Together with our previously published structure of the Shigella VapBC complex, this structure will complete our picture of what happens with VapC upon inhibition by VapB.

For more information, read the paper in Acta Crystallographica Section F.

Xu, K., Dedic, E., Cob-Cantal, P., Dienemann, C., Bøggild, A., Winther, K. S., Gerdes, K., and Brodersen, D. E. (2013), “Protein expression, crystallization, and preliminary x-ray crystallographic analysis of the isolated Shigella flexneri VapC toxin”, Acta Cryst. F, 69(Pt 7):762-5.