New review on toxin-antitoxin systems published in Mol. Cell

TA review Mol Cell

Overview of the four most significant types of toxin-antitoxin systems in bacteria and archaea.

Today, our lab has published a comprehensive new review on toxin-antitoxin systems in collaboration with the labs of Kenn Gerdes and Namiko Mitarai at the University of Copenhagen. In this paper, we critically review the current literature in the field of toxin-antitoxin research and and highlight how multiple levels of regulation shape the conditions of toxin activation to achieve the different biological functions of TA modules

For more information, have a look at our review in Molecular Cell.

Harms, A., Brodersen, D. E., Mitarai, N., Gerdes, K. (2018) “Toxins, targets, and triggers: An overview of toxin-antitoxin biology”, Mol Cell, e-pub ahead of print.